Blue Flamingo
December 14, 2019
Kodak smile
December 13, 2019


The KODAK SMILE CLASSIC 2-in-1 app is designed to work in sync seamlessly with your KODAK SMILE CLASSIC 2-in-1 instant printer. Capture, edit, print, and share your favorite photos; create your very own augmented reality videos from a single snapshot, or Connect to your favorite social networks to access nostalgic moments and upload new memories with the tap of a button. Take new photos or customize existing ones with distinctive borders, view filters from within the in-app camera, and apply a variety of fun stickers! When you’re finished, preview and print your pictures using the KODAK SMILE CLASSIC 2-in-1 printer, or share them directly to any of your connected social accounts. Set your camera up and take photos remotely with the remote capture feature.

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