Polaroid Mint
December 20, 2018
Insta-Share Printer
December 20, 2018


Shoot. Stream. Save. Share.

The Polaroid CUBE+ app lets you sync your camera with your iOS device, so you can use your or iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a viewfinder to frame and capture the perfect shot. With the Wi-Fi enabled Polaroid CUBE+, you can stream live HD video to your phone to view, save, and share with friends. Instantly preview your video, and then create clips to post on your social networks.

The app also lets you remotely control camera and camcorder functions like cycle recording, time stamping, video and camera resolution, frame rate, time delay, slow-motion video, and more.

The cutest, most fun action lifestyle camera now lets you connect, control, and share easier than ever with built-in Wi-Fi.

  • Viewfinder and live preview
  • Stream to your smart device
  • View playback with audio
  • View galleries
  • Self-timer
  • Photo resolution: 3MP, 6MP, 8MP
  • HD video resolution/frame rate: 720 30/60fps, 1080 30/60fps, 1440 30fps
  • Time lapse photography
  • Recording length
  • Cycle recording
  • Slow-motion video
  • Camera buzzer volume
  • Save to device or class 10 microSD card (64GB)

Technologies Used

Adobe photoshop